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The Jen Fulwiler Show

Sep 27, 2023

“Yes, And” is a rule that actors use, and it will change your life when you use it in everyday situations. Jen tells you to see your life as one big comedy sketch, and handle your problems with this simple rule. She also:

  • shares the secret to staying cheerful when you’ve failed at something a thousand times
  • tells the story of her plane ride sitting next to a wild drunk guy


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  • Sept 27 - DC

  • Sept 28 - Philadelphia

  • Sept 29 - Boston

  • Oct 5 - Dallas

  • Oct 6 - San Antonio

  • Oct 20 - 21 - Salt Lake City

  • Nov 1 - Ponte Vedra Beach

  • Nov 2 - Orlando

  • Nov 6 - Atlanta


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