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The Jen Fulwiler Show

Jul 27, 2022

Count on the unexpected when it comes to family fun - like how Jen was given a counterfeit $100 bill and it turned into an amusing drama for the whole family. She also shares the ridiculous way she avoided an argument with a kid, and an update on the friends who made the special beer that Joe spilled (from ep....

Jul 20, 2022

We almost didn't publish this one because Shady nearly passed out in the middle! But we pulled it together so you can hear Jen talk about having core values as a family, and a botox update.

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Jul 13, 2022

If you’re struggling with faith, Jen thinks it’s fine to be “religious but not spiritual” (instead of “spiritual but not religious”). She explains how she, as a former lifelong atheist, handles spiritual dry spells. Jen also talks about why she spontaneously jumped in a river with her clothes on, and how...

Jul 7, 2022

Are you stressed about making summer fun? Or is that just Jen? She talks about how she's learned to do family fun, and why she doesn't freak out about her kids getting older.

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