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The Jen Fulwiler Show

May 31, 2023

A “balanced” life is boring. Jen shares what real balance looks like, and how finding this rhythm in your life and family will allow everyone to thrive. She also talks about:

  • how she reacted to her oldest child graduation from high school 
  • a new way of thinking about family and the meaning of parenthood 
  • what...

May 24, 2023

The support you need will be sent to you when you need it, you just have to look out for it. Jen talks about how new friends have always been sent her way exactly when she needed them, including the incredible situation that led to her meeting Katlyn. For the intro topics, she discusses:

— What she’s doing now...

May 17, 2023

You will instantly seem more beautiful and powerful when you do this one simple thing, and it’s not a beauty tip! In fact, it has nothing to do with your physical appearance, and everything to do with how you see yourself. Jen shares this secret, as well as why all women should be eager to turn 40 (or 50,...

May 10, 2023

We're not going to say we're "busy" anymore, and here's why! Jen shares a secret for handling overwhelm that was told to her by a friend of Mother Teresa. She also uses a crazy airport experience in which she almost turned into The Joker to share what she learned about handling very frustrating moments.


--> BRAIN.FM...

May 3, 2023

If you want to be filled with bold confidence, here’s how! As usual, everyone else is wrong and Jen has all the best secrets. She also talks about why it’s important to embrace the success you really want.


--> KATZIE AND CO. PHOTOGRAPHY - Katzie is the best photographer on planet earth. Use her for all your...