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The Jen Fulwiler Show

Oct 25, 2023

If you find yourself constantly apologizing for your food, the state of your home, your appearance, or anything else, Jen has some words of wisdom for you! She also talks about:

  • how she handled a heckler at one of her shows
  • breaking her diet (again)


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Oct 18, 2023

It’s not too late for you to do that thing you always wanted to do. Seriously. Jen explains why, and she also reveals her theory about which football player is secretly in love with Taylor Swift.


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Oct 11, 2023

It’s not “baby weight,” it’s “no-village weight.” Women gain weight after having kids because their overstimulated nervous systems are desperate for dopamine, so they turn to sugar and carbs to survive. Jen also talks about why you should stop trying to control your kids and start collaborating with them.

Oct 4, 2023

You’ve seen the misspelled tattoos that say “NO RGRETS” but how do you actually live with no regrets, especially when you really screwed something up? Jen shares the secrets in this episode. She also:

  • celebrates her 20th anniversary
  • talks about how to deal with life when you’re sick