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The Jen Fulwiler Show

Nov 30, 2022

If you’ve been feeling unattractive, this episode is for you! Jen explains how you can feel pretty without losing weight or changing anything about your appearance. She also rails against Balenciaga and makes the case for why it’s not elitist to want household help.

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Nov 23, 2022

Jen makes your Christmas shopping easier by listing her favorite things! She also has a LOT of questions about Christmas caroling.

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Nov 16, 2022

Want to have an unforgettable holiday season? Invite a few people to your home. It’s easier than it sounds, even for introverts. Jen also talks about how to balance community building with avoiding annoying people, and why Quentin Tarantino probably hates her now.

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Nov 9, 2022

If you want your friends and family to cheer you on, start by bringing them in to what you’re doing. Share the details of your struggles, even the hard parts. Jen also reveals how sick she was during some of her shows, and her secrets for getting through it.

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Nov 2, 2022

Are you pretending to be someone you're not? You’ll find out with The Chug Test. Jen shares the advice from an Irishman to “only be friends with folks you’d chug a beer with.” She explains how this made her realize that she never clicked with an old group of friends, and how it can change your life to put...